We design products and offer solutions to meet the expectations of the transportation industry such as light weight, high thermal and mechanical strength, high safety, aesthetic design and fuel saving. We offer special products with special standards for transportation sectors.

In the transportation sector, we develop products for interior trim parts, under hood parts, bumper and fuel systems, lighting, and outer body parts. We develop products that comply with EN 45545, which is a railway stand specific to this area, and ECE R118 for public transportation.

InnoMid® PA6, 30GF, HS, IM, NL                                        

InnoMid® PA6, 50GF, HS, IM, NL

InnoPlen® PPh, 30GF, CC, IM, NL

InnoPlen® PPc, 15MNF1, HS, IM, BUGDAY

InnoPlen® PPc, 30GB, HS, IM, BL