The goal of IMS Polymers human resources management is to develop and implement human resources strategies that create value in order to reach the corporate vision.

In line with its values and corporate culture, IMS Polymers makes evaluations according to the competencies required by the job and the potential and performance of its employees without making any discrimination between employees in all HR processes.

IMS Polymers always supports and enables the active participation of our employees in management. We aim to create a dynamic team that has high job satisfaction, is open to development and is supportive to research and development activities.

As IMS Polymers employees;

  • We do our job with passion.
  • We believe in teamwork.
  • We highly value research and development activities.
  • We are innovative
  • We work with high environmental awareness in accordance with occupational health and safety legislations.
  • We work for sustainable high quality in all our product.

Our Recruitment Process Our aim is to bring in dynamic people that have a high level of education, that are open to innovation and change, that possess entrepreneurial ability, that have the potential to develop themselves and their business in alignment with corporate values.

The main principle in our recruitment process is to give equal opportunities to those who have the competencies (knowledge, skills, behavior) required by the job without making any discrimination.

Our personnel selection process includes the following;

  • Application
  • Review
  • Interview
  • Reference research
  • Evaluation
  • Business offer