Domestic Appliances

We offer products with the desired design flexibility, surface quality and color sensitivity for the domestic appliances.

We are developing products for plastic components of white goods, air conditioner parts and various home appliances

InnoPlen® PPc, 10MNF1, IMP, HS, IM, GR                  

InnoKril® ABS, UV, HS, IM,  WHITE 

InnoKril® ABS, FRV0, HS, IM,  WHITE    

InnoPlen® PPc, 20MNF1, HS, IM,  WHITE                                                                     

InnoPlen® PPH, 20MNF1, FRV0, HS, IM,  WHITE                                                                               

InnoBlend® PA6/66. 32GFT. HS. IM. COOL GREY11C                                                                                             

InnoBlend® PA6/66, 30GFT, HS, IM, PANTONE 429C