Sample Preparation and Production Laboratories

Twin Screw Extruder and Gravimetric Side Feeders
Our laboratory is equipped with a Leistritz ZSE 27 Maxx laboratory scale twin-screw extruder which is used for producing thermoplastic based compound materials.  There are three twin screw gravimetric feeders, a single screw gravimetric feeder and a gravimetric liquid feeder in our device.


Heated-Cooled Hydraulic Press

A heated-cooled hydraulic press is available to produce plates from thermoplastic based compound pellets which are used for tests and analysis in our laboratory.


High-speed mixing Mixer

We have a high speed laboratory mixer which is used for mixing thermoplastic based materials and fillers/additives in our laboratory.


CNC Sample Preparation Test Laboratory

Milling method is used for preparation of test and analysis samples from polymer materials.  A Coesfeld 4030 ICP CNC controlled cutting machine is available within our laboratory.