Polymer Rheology

Melt Flow Index Measurement

Melt Flow Index (MFI) is a measure of the easy of flow of the melt of a polymer. Melt Flow Index can be measured by using MFI tester. During this test, polymeric material is melt and the amount of material flow through a capillary tube under a certain load in 10 minutes is detected.

MFI Measurement
Melt Flow Rate (MFR)
Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR)


HDT-Vicat Analysis Standards
ASTM D1238
JIS K7210


Capillary Rheometer

Our laboratory is equipped with a capillary rheometer with a capacity of 25 kN. In this test method, molten sample in a heated chamber is forced to flow within a capillary by the means of a piston. At constant shear rates, the force or pressure that is required to pass the molten sample from the capillary is determined.  Thus, the flow curve can be determined for the material. Flow properties such as shear rate, shear stress, speed, torque, temperature, viscosity, kinematic viscosity, flow point, stress, complicate viscosity, complex shear modulus, storage modulus, loss modulus, loss factor, frequency, angular frequency, spectrum, relaxation time, relaxation modulus, relaxation time spectrum can be measured.

Rheometer Measurement Results
Shear rate
Shear stress


Rheometer Analysis Standards
ASTM D3835
DIN EN ISO 11443


HDT-Vicat Analysis Device
Our laboratory is equipped with a three station HDT Vicat tester which is capable of operating in temperatures between +20 and 300°C. VICAT softening temperature of the sample and the deflection temperature values under certain loads can be determined.


HDT-Vicat Analysis
Softening temperature
Dimensional stability of the plastic, depending on temperature


HDT-Vicat Analysis Standards
ASTM D 648
ASTM D 1525
DIN 53460
DIN 53461
ISO 75
ISO 302