Physical Analysis and Testing

UV Test Fluorescent Cihazı

The device is equipped with 8  40 W fluorescent UV light bulbs (UVA 340 or UVB 313 or UVA 351) and 12 sample spraying nozzles. Recirculating system of the spraying water is available. There is a temperature control with BPT (Black Panel Temperature). Irradiance control at 340 nm, 313 nm and 351 nm can be performed with the device. Wave length of UV emitting fluorescent lamps contains more energy than the sun.
Thus, plastic materials are exposed to UV light to simulate outdoor weathering. In addition to this, rain effect is simulated with water spray. The destruction of environmental conditions (UV radiation and rain) in the plastic material can be detected by this device.

The standards fpr which the device are ISO 11507, ISO 11997-2, ISO 4892-3, DIN EN 12224, DIN EN 1297, DIN EN 13523-10, DIN EN ISO 4892-1, ASTM D 4329, ASTM D 4587, ASTM D 4799, ASTM D 5208, ASTM G 151,  ASTM G 154, EN 927-6, SAE J 2020, prEN 1062-4.


Density Measurement
Density meter is used for density measurement of the materials at room temperature by the means of a scale in accordance with ISO 1183.


Moisture Analyser (moisture meter)

The analyser is used to determine the moisture content within the sample.