HVUL2 Horizontal-Vertical Flammability Chamber

Due to their chemical composition, plastics can often easily ignite when exposed to sufficient heat in the presence of oxygen. Fire retardant additives are included into plastics during production in order to delay burning at the moment of fire. One of the test methods used for flammability in plastics industry is UL 94 standard test methodology in which plastic material is subjected to a flame source at certain angles and in sizes determined by the standard. Thus, spreading of the flame to another fuel source is tested resulting from the light off times of the flame in the plastic and flame the dropping of the plastic. The flammability class of the materials can be tested according to UL94 standard with Horizontal-Vertical Flammability device in our laboratory. The device is in accordance with standards such as  IEC 60707, IEC 60 695, Part 11-10, 11-20 Part of ISO 9772.3, ISO 9773, UL 94, ASTM D 635, ASTM D 3801 , ASTM D 4804, ASTM D 4986 and ASTM D 5048.

Flammability Results
Flammability class of materials


Flammability Analysis Standards