22-24. 09. 2019 - THERMAM 2019

    Welcome to the official web site of the 6th International Conference: THERMOPHYSICAL and MECHANICAL PROPERTIES of ADVANCED MATERIALS, 8th Rostocker International Conference: THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES for TECHNICAL THERMODYNAMICS (THERMAM 2019). The conference has been held every year. Our mission is to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas, advancement of the science, training of new professionals, and discussions. The proceedings are published following the conference and a rigorous peer review. We encourage you to submit an abstract and present at this conference. This conference series has a long history, and has served as an excellent forum for engineers, researchers, and program/project managers from industry, academia, and government labs to exchange and share the latest results in research and development. This conference will feature production and characterization of advanced functional materials for various industrial applications.